Habio participated in the“ LIVESTOCK ASIA EXPO&FORUM 2015”
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For widening the market of Southeast Asia countries and maintaining good customer relationships, Habio attended the biggest feed exhibition “ LIVESTOCK ASIA EXPO&FORUM 2015” at Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia from 21-23 September 2015.

Habio exhibited the new generation Phytase and acid&heat-resistance Beta-mannanase which are very popular by the feed millers in Malaysia, as the good thermostability and biochemical characteristics, the visitors expressed great interest. Besides these two enzymes, Habio launched a new and hot feed enzyme – “lipase”, its basic characteristics as well as its abundant trial reports in poultry and piglet explain the reason why it can save the feed cost and bring considerable profits.

Through the exhibition, the brand “Habio” will be made deeper expression in Southeast Asia countries and the “Habio” products will bring more profits for the feed company and farmers there. Habio will continue to develop more new products and upgrade the existing enzyme to service for more customers.

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