Habio, bring you a green life We will go forward firmly on the way to achieving company belief of bringing the world the best
producing achievements with less resource consumption and better environment protection by the biotechnology.

Habio has been a global pioneer in enzyme research since its creation in 2002. The company was founded by a diverse group of experts in biological and animal nutrition. At the core of our technical team is Mr Yang Tao, whose vision to create an international enzyme company has resulted in Habio’s world leading industry success today.

Over the past 18 years, Habio has quickly grown from an R&D center with six medical professionals focusing solely on feed grade enzymes, to the global enzyme industry leader, with a presence in 26 countries, and a product portfolio that includes more than 60 single enzymes in various application fields such as food, environmental protection, heavy industry (e.g. construction, critical infrastructure), and many other industries. The company is now the global leader in Lipase, Protease, Glucose Oxidase, and Catalase enzymes.

Habio believes innovation is the core driving force of the enzyme industry and therefore research and development is the top priority for the company. Habio maintains its competitive advantage in the industry by continuously investing in gene and protein technology, enzyme equipment and distillation technology, and enzyme application techniques.

To achieve this objective, Habio utilises independent labs to research and develop molecular biology, enzyme protein engineering, and microbial fermentation. The company has built an impressive, national leading strain library, consisting of 64 genetic engineering bacteria of hydrolase in China, acquired 12 domestic and international technology patents, undertaken three national 863 projects, and has obtained national high-tech enterprise certification.

The company’s current performance is impressive: Habio has received over 16 million in investment to date; the annual fermentability is 16000 metric tons; the annual production capability is 50,000 metric tons finished goods; and it also can supply powder, granule, coated granule, liquid and solidified enzymes.

To continually be able to offer clients the best enzyme application solutions, Habio has established long-term partner agreements on research applications with the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Sichuan Agricultural University, Sichuan University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and National Institutes for Biological Sciences in Korea, etc.

Our mission at Habio is to bring you a green life. Habio moves forward with confidence, that every day we are closer to realising our company belief, of bringing the world the latest advances in innovation, while at the same time consuming the least amount of resources, in addition to protecting the environment. 

    We firmly believe that biotechnology can improve or even create a better world, including the best production-result, less resources-waste, perfect ecological-protection. All of us are willing to ceaselessly strive for the realization of the mission.
    Habio is aimed to provide solutions to an ever-expanding list of industries including animal nutrition, food, environmental protection and energy sources and so on. We are committed to becoming a leading global enzyme and biological products supplier.
    We always stick to:
    -pursuit of leading technology
    -concentrate on clients’ prospective need
    -attach importance to provide our products, service and solutions with the comprehensive value to clients
    -growing up together with clients
    Based on the professional and efficient team and input, Habio is committed to implement technology leading. With 7-10 years unremitting efforts, Habio is willing to become the first-class fermentation technology manufacturer, the top-ranking enzyme supplier with great international reputation in multiple application areas.

    1. To create a better life for employees

    2. No united and quality leading group, no success

    3. Accept failure, refuse mediocrity

    4. Responsibility comes first

    5. Continuously learning and improving is the only way to grow up with the team

    6. The more you pay, the more you will gain.

    7. Think much, speak little, and do better

  • Habio was established in Chengdu

  • Habio production base in Chengdu is established.

    The First product Phytase Granule 5000 began to come on the market.

  • Habio Phytase explored Vietnam and Argentina market. 

    Habio new production base was established in Mianyang.

  • Habio Xylanase.

    Habio Galactosidase.

    Habio Pectinase.

  • Built a strategic partnership with Cargill and Kemin.    

  • ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification.

  • Explored the energy, washing and papermaking market.

  • Habio feed lipase LIPOZYME.

    Explored the biodiesel market.

  • Habio Glucose Oxidase.Explored food enzyme market. 

    Habio Catalase. Established Cooperative Relationship with Samsung.

    Marketing in more than 20 countries.

  • Habio New Protease.

    Cooperated with domestic broiler breeding leading enterprises.

  • Completed the second-time technological transformation.

  • “Sichuan Famous Brand Product”certificate.

  • ISO22000,FAMI-QS,  HACCP and "National high-tech enterprise" certificate.

  • Habio-Korea National Life Science Academy of United Technology Center was extablished.

    China import and export quality integrity enterprise certificate.

  • Habio established the strategic partnership with overseas New Hope group for LIPOZYME.