2018 Poultry India------Hyderabad.
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Habio took part in the 13rd Edition of the Poultry India Exhibition from November 28-30,Hyderabad,India,which is the largest Poultry Industry Exhibition in India. This is the third time for Habio to visit Hyderabad, a top 3 Poultry Industry city of India.


The exhibition attracted more than 35000 visitors from India and other countries this year. The highlights for visitors stayed at Habio booth are our strong products, including Phytase, Lipozyme, Protease, Acid Beta-mannanase and Multi-enzymes. Our innovation enzymes also gained positive feedbacks, most of visitors and customers have interests in High Concentration Enzymes and Water-soluble Enzymes.



We are glad to meet many old and new friends in Hyderabad, appreciate your hosting and trust to Habio people and products. Habio is looking forward to meeting all the friends in the next year Poultry India Exhibition!

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