Agro Tech Bangladesh-2017
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 Habio participated in the 7th International Agricultural Technology Fair 2017 from January 11-13, 2017 in ICCB , Dhaka,Bangladesh.

Nowadays consumers are becoming more and more conscious of the safety of their food supply and becoming increasingly demanding. Habio supply different feed enzyme to meet the feed demands. The feed enzyme is widely used in the feed mills here especially the phytase, thermostable phytase, beta-mannanase,xylanase,beta-glucanase,protease ,alpha amylase etc. our booth have successfully attracted a great number of feed additive distributors and feed companies from Bangladesh to taked about our product and reached preliminary cooperation intentions.

Habio believes the core driving force of developing enzyme industry is technical advancement, and always continuously insist to investing the gene and protein technology, distillation technology, and enzyme application echnique to develop the core competitive.

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