Habio participated in“The 2015 China Feed Industry Exhibition”
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During Apr,24-25th,2015, our company participated in “The 2015 China Feed Industry Expo Animal Husbandry Scientific and Technological Achievements Promotion Conference ” held in Nanjing International Expo Center.

In this exhibition, the organizer organized many technology communication conferences and products introduction meetings to enrich the exhibition activities.

Habio adheres to the aim of "using science and technology to create a new elevation,” willing to provide our customers with safe, high-efficient feed additive products and perfect technical support. In this exhibition ,we promoted cyclization thermostable phytase ,lipase,xylanase,cellulase, α-Galactosidase and Multi-enzymes. Through our detail introduction, most of the visitors  showed strong interest in our products.,and contacted our company after the end of the exposition immediately, in order to establish trade-relationship in the near future.


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