Habio took part in “AgraME,VetME and AquaME 2016”
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The biggest poultry and veterinary exhibition “AgraME,VetME and AquaME 2016”in Middle East was hold in Dubai during 13rd -15th, March,  which absorbed over 150 exhibitors and over 10 thousand visitors from

different countries such as UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, “Habio” brought the feed enzyme products to attend this exhibition.

The feed enzyme is widely used in the feed mills here especially the phytase, beta-mannanase, and protease, we not only exhibit these conventional products but also show the new products “ Lipozyme” which bring many benefits for the customers who produce feed with high fat dosage, lots of visitors express high attention on our products.

Even though this is the first exhibition we attend in Middle East, “Habio” will be made deeper expression here and we will continue focusing on this big market.

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