Eurotier 2018-----Hannover Germany
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  Habio attended the Eurotier 2018 from November 13 - 16, Hannover, Germany with around 2000 international exhibitors, which is the trade show dedicated to the production and processing of farm animals, from the farms, food, health and equipment to the process of meats and dairy products, packaging, transport and conservation. The trade show gathers breeders, veterinarians, equipment suppliers for farms, slaughter houses, meat processors, etc.

  With over 16 years’ experience in the animal nutrition, Habio brought many feed enzymes to the show , therefore absorbing lots of attentions from the visitors all over the world especially focusing on our new research result – Water-soluble Enzymes. The water-soluble enzymes can improve the nutrition problem by direct feeding-water adding, the effect is faster and more effective compared with feed adding, meanwhile the water-soluble can solve the storage and transportation problem of liquid enzymes. The Lipozyme and glucose oxidase are still the star products from Habio, through the Eurotier we will get more potential for these two products based on our good market in South Asia countries already. Along with the continuously development, Habio launched more high concentrated enzymes like 900,000U/g xylanase, 200,000U/g Lipase, 1,00,000U/g phytase etc. We will never stop our research on the feed enzymes and will continue to share scientific technical value with our clients. 

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